Communicate Better.

Communication holds enormous potential to make relationships better.

Better communication improves life.

We communicate all the time. It’s everywhere. It’s how we connect. Communication forms our relationships: marriages, families, work teams, friendships, clients, customers, colleagues, neighbors, all of them. Every relationship comes from communication.

My writing will help you understand communication better. This leads to better communication. This is my newsletter version of communication. Soon, there will be a book. You can get started on communicating better by reading anything I’ve written so far. Start anywhere you like. The beginning is as good as anyplace.

You may be asking yourself “How?” or “What should I do?” What tips and tricks can you give me. I’m not much a “tips and tricks” kind of guy when it comes to communication. In fact, I think it’s a giant problem that people generally don’t think about communication complexly enough.

So if you’re looking for “10 tips and tricks”, “What’s my communication style?”, or “8 easy things you can do to win friends and influence people,” I’m probably not your guy. I don’t offer easy fixes because when it comes to communication there aren’t easy answers. Communication is a skill that requires a lot of work. In fact, I think we need to think a little more complexly about communication. That’s what I do. I get in the weeds. I come out with something valuable. If you want to get my weekly article or thoughts on communication, sign up. For all of 2020, I’ll be sharing 1 article per week about some aspect of communication. After 2020 is up, we’ll see where things go.

Eventually, I’ll be publishing a book on all this but this newsletter was my way to get started. If you want unique, original insights about communication shared weekly, I’m your guy. No one else out there is talking about communication like me.

No one.

Communication isn’t an on/off switch. It’s an approach, a mindset, a process. If you improve communication, relationships get better.

My perspective is largely rooted in 1-1 relationships. Communication, in essence, grows from there. The topics I write about aren’t only relevant in person-to-person communication though. Communication is everywhere and takes on many different forms and functions. In my weekly article, I dive deep on interesting aspects of communication and emerge with key takeaways to consider — always with a mindset of giving you a better concept of communication and things you can do to improve communication.

Communicating better isn’t easy. I can help you understand communication but I can’t communicate for you. I’m just telling you what I know.

Subscribing will get you direct delivery of my weekly article. Each week, a different topic. Anything that’s already been published is available in the archive. This newsletter will remain a weekly article for 2020 and after that will morph into something else. But for now, I’m honored and thankful if you want to follow along.

I promise that it all comes back to relationships. They’re formed with communication. Communicate better, relationships get better. If you want advice or good thoughts along those lines, please follow along because that’s what I’m after — good relationships, for you and for me. I believe communication is the path but it’s not easy.

You can learn more about me at My credentials include a PhD and 20+ years teaching and researching communication at universities, stints in communication consulting, and an adult lifetime of in-depth thought on how it is that humans communicate.

Communication holds enormous potential. Don’t take it for granted. Communicate better. Follow along. Subscribe.

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